Vision Benefits of America is pleased to announce a competitively priced vision plan for individuals! Individual members can now take advantage of a plan that offers comprehensive benefits at a significant cost savings.
Individual Coverage
PLEASE NOTE: The Managed Vision Care Program is not an insurance plan but rather a pre-paid vision plan. If, at any point during the plan year, you wish to cancel this plan for any reason and you have not accessed any vision services, you may contact the Customer Service Unit at 800-432-4955 to receive a full refund minus the non-refundable $10 application fee.
See For Yourself.
Because we have an extensive list of participating providers, we are able to offer significant cost savings when accessing the services and products you need. Here is an example.
Total Annual Savings Using a VBA Doctor!
  Under the VBA Plan Without VBA
Eye Exam $10 $145
Frame* $20 $150
   Single Vision
   Bifocals $90
1 Year Scratch Protection    
Polycarbonate Lenses** $0 $55
Annual Premium $139.99 $0
Total Out-of-Pocket $169.99 $440.00
* Frames are covered within the program’s $50 wholesale allowance (approximately $125 to $150 retail). A $10 copay is applied to the routine vision exam (for glasses) and a $20 copay is applied to the total cost of the lenses and/or frames selected from a VBA Participating Provider. However, copays do not apply to contacts.
** Available through a VBA Participating Provider at no charge for children under the age of 19 (after $20 copay).
More Details.
Interested in Contacts?
In place of the benefits shown above, VBA provides a total allowance for contact lenses of $140. This includes, but is not limited to, regular eye exam, contact lens fitting and dispensing, cost of contact lenses, etc. VBA makes no guarantee that the $140 allowance will cover the entire cost of contact lenses.
Services or Products Not Shown? -- No Problem!
Because of our extensive number of doctors, we have been able to enter into cost-control arrangements. If, for example, you are interested in progressive lenses, the typical retail cost runs between $150 and $400. VBA's cost control runs from $45 to $175.
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